Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Thirteen Inspiration: SNOWMEN!

Lot's of fantastic little snowmen crafts out there!  LOVE it!  Here's thirteen to get you started!

1.   Snowman Topiary from Got Chikin? - So cute!!!

2.  2x4 Snowman from Under My Umbrella - I LOVE 2x4 crafts and this little snowman is NO exception!!!

3.  Snowman Soap from Crafts and Crap ~  What a perfect teacher or little gift for a friend or neighbor!!!

4.   Take a look at these snowmen from Lyndsey's Craft Spot!  LOVE them!

5.  Decorative Snowman Balls from The Idea Room ~ Absolutely LOVE this!  How stinkin' cute!?!

6.  Another cute snowman from The Idea Room - Love it!

7.  A Rock Snowman from Not Just a Housewife ~ What a fun craft to do with the kids! 

8.  Another 2x4 snowman!  This one is from Crafty Chic Mommy and is Fantastic!

9.  "FROSTY" Wood Blocks from Punkin Seed Productions - This woman is SO talented and I LOVE this set of blocks!

10.  A cute snowman plaque from Lyndsey's Craft Spot - so cute!

11.  Adorable Snowman Shirts from Harrigan Howdy ~  LOVE these! So much fun!

12.  Snowman Gift Boxes from Blue Cricket Design ~ What a fun little box to put a treat in & give to a friend!

13.  And a Snowman Glove Dryer from Sugar Bee - Craft Edition ~  Oh my, how I LOVE this!  So much fun and so useful!!!

Thank you so much to these awesome ladies for sharing their talents and inspiring us all!

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Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition

thanks so much for the shout-out!

Amy {The Idea Room}

Thanks for including my snowmen in your list! I love me some snowmen! You found some really great ones!

Chic Mommy

Wow what a great list...thanks for the love. Happy New YEar!!


I love them all!!! The onesies are so cute. And the winter gear drier is the best idea. Too bad I don't have time to copy all these wonderful projects.

Sarah @HarriganHowdy

Thanks for stopping by, and featuring the Snowman shirts. :) This is a great list of snowman crafts.

Felicia Follum

Great post, I think that 5 and 9 are my favorite simply because I could do them. I love our little apartment but am excited to get a house that has room for stage of such projects.

Have you tried any?

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